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Books 111 - 120
Quotations of John F.Kennedy
John F.Kennedy
Small book, published from JFK Presidential Library and Museum, with several quotations of John F.Kennedy.
Religious Views of President John F.Kennedy
Rev. Schneider Nicholas A.
The collection of the religious thought of President Kennedy is divided in five sections : Remarks and Addresses, Proclamations ad Communiqués, Answers to Questions proposed at News Conferences, Excerpts, and an Appendix containing some proclamations not found in the Public Papers.
Most of the items were addressed to audiences gathered for religious purposes or representing religious groups, or to commemorate religious observations.
Remembering Jack
Lowe Jacques
Jacques Lowe's photographs of the Kennedys, taken during his tenure as JFK's personal photographer, have become the iconic imagery of a time that remains vividly etched in the national psyche. Upon Lowe's death, commentators credited his picture with creating the myth of Camelot.
Of Lowe's  forty thousand Kennedy's photographs, only a few hundred have ever been seen, and all of his negatives, which were housed in a vault in the World Trade Center, were destroyed on Sept.11,2001. For this definitive book, fine reproductions have been created from existing prints and contact sheets - in some cases of images he never even printed. This book features more than 600 pictures, half of which are previously unpublished.
Report of the County Chairman
[Personal story of the Presidential election campaign 1960]
Michener James A.
James A.Michener, famous novelist, author of "Haway", "The Bridge at Andau" and "Sayonara", tells the intimate, personal story of most dramatic American political campaign - the election of the first catholic president, John F.Kennedy.
It reads as a novel, holds you breathless with suspense as Michener tells you how he and his friends worked, struggled, cried, prayed and cheered for John F. Kennedy.
Ritratti del Coraggio
John F.Kennedy
Italian Version of the book "Profiles in Courage", with introduction written by Caroline Kennedy.
JFK wrote this book while recovering from a back injury in 1955, and it went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for History in 1956.
John F.Kennedy chose to write about 8 United States Senators- men who were the very models of virtue and integrity under intense pressure :-John Quincy Adams; -Daniel Webster; -Thomas Hart Benton; -Sam Houston; -Edmund G.Ross; Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar; -George Norris; -Robert Taft.
Selling Outer Space
[Kennedy, the Media and Funding for Project Apollo, 1961-1963]
Kauffman James L.
"Kauffman's compelling book....examines how the Kennedy Administration and the media constructed the space program in ways designed to win congressional and public approval.
Kauffman analyzes the construction of the space program as a series of rethorical moves, raising questions not only about the media, government, and technology but also about how we understand public life"
             Journal of American History
State of the Union Addresses of John F.Kennedy
John F.Kennedy
These are the three State of the Union Speeches Kennedy delivered :
- January 30, 1961
- January 11, 1962
- January 14, 1963
Strategia di Pace
John F.Kennedy
Italian Version.
Collection of all JFK's speeches, when he was still a US Senator.
The Best Year of Their Lives: Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon in 1948
Morrow Lance
In 1948, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon were ambitious young congressmen in postwar Washington, all of them at a crucial turning point in their personal lives and public careers. Their future presidencies would dominate American public life from 1961 to 1974 and define one of the country's most turbulent eras. In this tightly-framed portrait, journalist Lance Morrow explores the passions, ambitions and demons that drove these men, and reflexts on the shadow they cast on American culture and memory.
The Burden and The Glory
Kennedy John Fitzgerald
(edited by Allan Nevins)
The Hopes and Purposes of President Kennedy's second and third years in office as revealed in his public statements and addresses

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