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Books 91 - 100
Kennedy shock
Palazzolo Lanfranco

Italian book, very critic about Kennedy life and Presidency.

Kennedy vs Lodge
Whalen Thomas J.

In November 1952, Dwight D.Eisenhower won the presidential election by a lanslide vote. In Massachussets, however, a relatively unknown and inexperienced Congressman John F.Kennedy narrowly defeated incumbent Henry Cabot Lodge,Jr. In this book, Thomas J.Whalen provides a penetrating analysis of this pivotal campaign and tells the fascinating story of a political duel between two families that spanned nearly half a century.

Kennedy's kitchen cabinet and the pursuit of peace
[The Shaping of American Foreign Policy, 1961-1963]
Goduti Philip A., Jr

John F. Kennedy's advisors were enormously influential in the shaping of American foreign policy at a crucial time. After struggling in his first year as president, Kennedy employed the guidance of a core group including McGeorge Bundy, Robert Kennedy, Robert Mcnamara, Maxwell Taylor and Theodore Sorensen. This "kitchen cabinet" led to strong leadership in confronting serious challenges arising from the Soviet Union, Cuba, Southeast Asia and Berlin.

Kennedy's Wars
Freedman Lawrence

In this book, noted historian Lawrence Freedman draws on the best of Cold War scholarship and newly released government documents to illuminate Kennedy's approach to war and his efforts for peace.

La Biografia di Kennedy
Barbara Luigi

Biography, in Italian, of the President of the "New Frontier".

La mia sfida
John F.Kennedy

Italian translation of all the speeches of the more loved American President of the Post-War period.

La Nuova Frontiera
[Scritti e Discorsi 1958-1963]
John Fitgerald Kennedy

Italian book.
Collection of 8 important speeches of John F.Kennedy from 1958 to 1963 :
"1. Una nuova idea di Presidenza - 14/1/1960
2. La Nuova Frontiera -  15/7/1960
3. Noi e Khrushev - 26/8/1960
4. Un Mondo Nuovo - 20/1/1961
5. Indipendenza e Interdipendenza  - 4/7/1962
6. Una Nuova idea di Pace  - 10/6/1963
7. Ich bin ein Berliner  - 26/6/1963
8. Una Nazione di Immigrati  - 1958

L'alba della nuova Europa
[Diario europeo 1945]
John F.Kennedy

Italian book.
In the summer of 1945, an energetic, thin, and somewhat frail young man traveled to Europe- England, Ireland, France, and Germany- as a reporter for the Hearst newspapers. His assignment was to cover the situation in Europe after the surrender of Germany, following his attendance at the San Francisco Conference, which established the United Nations. The young man was a seasoned world traveler, a veteran of World War II, and a well-educated professional who had introductions to world leaders and friends in high places. The young man was John F. Kennedy, age 28, and during the trip he kept a diary. In it he recorded his impressions of the future of western democracies, the economic conditions in Europe following the devastation of the war, as well as his predictions on the emerging cold war.
John F. Kennedy's 1945 diary offers us an intimate look at the well-reasoned young man who would be President.

L'America di Kennedy
Colombo Furio

Italian book.
Furio Colombo was an Italian journalist working in US in the period 1960-64 and he had the opportunity to meet and know JFK and his staff (A.Schlesinger, T.Sorensen, R.Kennedy). He wrote this book after the Dallas tragedy.

Let the word go forth
Selected and with an introduction of
Sorensen Theodore C.

The Speeches, Statements, and Writings of John F.Kennedy  -1947 to 1963.
In one volume, the writings and speeches of JFK reveal a man and President and portray an era as no historian or biographer could.Here are the words that propelled a nation and moved the word.

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