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B - My books related to JFK Life

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Books 81 - 90


Francisco Martinez Hoyos

In Spanish.
Spanish Biography of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of United States of America.
Thanks to my Chinese friend and collegue Yu Zhou who gave me this book as a gift for my Kennedy collection.



In Italian.
"Mondadori Comics- Historia-Biografie"
Kennedy's biography in comics.

Kennedy - La pił grande biografia illustrata   [2 vol.]

Barbara Luigi

One of the best illustrated Biography of John F.Kennedy and his family.  [in Italian]

Kennedy - A time Remembered
Lowe Jacques

Jacques Lowe's book begins with the early days of the Kennedy and Fitzgerald clans in America and ends with the assassination of the second Kennedy brother, Robert F. Kennedy ('Bobby') on June 6,1968. Based on the personal photographic archives of the author and those of the Kennedy family and the White House. The book is a true evocation of the Kennedy Years, from Camelot through to America's darkest hours. It is a powerful and inspiring memoir.

Kennedy - [Miniseries TV in two parts]

Academy Award winning Martin Sheen takes the title role in KENNEDY, the 2 part mini series that has been seen in over 65 countries. Filmed entirely on location in America, KENNEDY looks at the Presidential years, from the night before his election in November 1960 to the afternoon of his assassination on 22nd November 1963. The series not only examines the political events of Kennedy's years in the White House but also looks at his family and private life during the same period.

Kennedy 1963 - 2003

The Italian Chamber of Deputies has dedicated an exhibition to the memory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, on the fortieth anniversary of his tragic death. This book is the official catalogue of the exhibition, focusing on the Italian trip that President Kennedy made in July 1963, to Rome and Naples.

Kennedy and his Women
Sciacca Tony

Everyone knows that politics makes strange bedfellows, but in the case of John F.Kennedy, no one knew those bedfellows included Marilyn, Jayne, Mariella, Judy, Joan, Nancy, Inger, Mary and more. For the charismatic President had some amazing domestic affairs - and they have become the talk of every columnist from coast to coast.
Tony Sciacca, long time Kennedy observer, reveals in this book the intimate details behind the headlines and tells all the stories - even those the press hadn't dare to uncover.

Kennedy and the promise of the Sixties
Rorabauch W.J.

This book explores life in America during that brief promising moment in the early sixties when John F.Kennedy was President.  The early sixties were a period of marked political, social and cultural change. The old was swept away, and the United States began to become the country that it is today.

Kennedy & Castro - The Secret History
Discovery Channel

It was the Cold War, the world was divided into warring camps and Cuba was the flashpoint that could ignite World War III.
Fidel Castro was everything the United States feared, a revolutionary leader just 90 miles from the coast of Florida. He was teh Soviet bloc's toehold in the Western hemisphere adn the Americal government were intent on overthrrowing the Cuban regime. In fact, they even plotted to assassinate Castro.
President John F.Kennedy was obsessed with Cuba. His administration suffered its most humiliating defeat in 1961 when CIA backed Cuban exiles invaded the island in a vain attempt to topple castro's government. Later, Kennedy approved Operation Mongoose, a huge secret programme to destabilise Cuba through propaganda and sabotage. However, even as Kennedy was trying to destroy Castro, newly uncovered documents reveal that  secretely he was reaching out to him. Behind their hostile public face, the two leaders were eager to create peace and had secret negotiation to that goal.
The catalyst behind the whole process as Lisa Howard, a pioneering ABC television journalist all but forgotten today.
Only now, has this Secret History been revealed and Lisa Howard can begin to claim her legacy.

Kennedy in Berlin
Daum Andreas W.

Andreas W.Daum's study not only fills a gap in the historiography of German-American relations, but also constitutes a methodological innovation, for it is far more than just a history of John F. Kennedy's legendary visit to Berlin.
This is going to be the classic study of JFK's visit to Berlin!

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