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Books 61 - 70

John F. Kennedy - Biography

Milton Joyce

In this book, Joyce Milton presents an insightful assessment of the 35th President's life and legacy.

John F. Kennedy - Commander in Chief
[A profile in Leadership]

Salinger Pierre

John F.Kennedy's presidency has been well examined, but a frequently overlooked yet crucial component of it was his leadership of the United States armed forces.
In this book Pierre Salinger, press secretary and confidant to the president, provides an insightful view of this side of John F.Kennedy. He shares his unique understanding of all the major events of the Kennedy administration that had a military component.

John F. Kennedy - His Life and Legacy
[Introduction by Caroline Kennedy]

Sommer Shelley

A voracious reader of biographies, President Kennedy has fittingly been the subject of many volumes himself. When asked why he enjoyed reading biographies, President Kennedy replied it was because they answer the question "What's he like?".
In attempting to answer that question, author Shelley Sommer presents John F.Kennedy in his many roles - as a boy, a young man, a war hero, a politician, a husband, a father, and finally a President.
This look at John F.Kennedy, illustrated with photos from the Kennedy Family Collection and the Kennedy Library, gives young readers a look at a dynamic man whose personality and politics helped to shape the twentieth century and continue to influence American life today.

John F. Kennedy - Portrait of a President

Sidey Hugh

This dramatic study had almost been completed when Kennedy was assassinated. Written without the piety of mourning or the wisdom of hindsight, by Time Magazine's correspondent at the White House, it details the three dynamic years which crowned a short but fruitful life and conveys, with the immediacy of a dispatch from the front, the image of one man opening up a New Frontier in government.

John F. Kennedy Quotes
[100 Thoughtful Quotes By US President John F. Kennedy]

Kennedy John F.

100 Thoughtful Quotes By US President John F. Kennedy (Kindle edition).

John F. Kennedy - The Making of a Leader

Upadhyay Ritu

"TIME for Kids" Biographies.
Take a close-up look at John F.Kennedy, America's youngest elected President. Interviews with experts and lively writing deliver the accurate reporting you expect from "TIME for Kids".
Historical and contemporary photographs capture the life of this popular leader and show how he influenced our world today.

John F. Kennedy visto da vicino

Rossi Francesco

Italian book, written from Italian journalist Francesco Rossi, after years of research on John F. Kennedy's politics and history of United States after second world war.

John F. Kennedy : War Hero

Tregaskis Richard

In 1943, Lieutenant John Fitzgerald Kennedy, skipper of PT-109, was on night patrol when a Japanese destroyer crashed into his boat and cut her in two. Alone and adrift in enemy waters, Lieutenant Kennedy repeatedly risked his life to save his surviving men from capture or death.
Here is a magnificent and inspiring story : a full and authentic account of the World War II service of the future President of the United States, and the heroic action for which he received the Navy and
Marine Corps Medal.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy reads the "Declaration of Independence"

Kennedy John Fitzgerald

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum released a 1957 recording of Senator John F. Kennedy reading the Declaration of Independence in full, which was made exclusively for New York radio station WQXR's 1957 July 4th observance.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy 's Birthplace
[A Presidential Home in History and Memory]

von Hoffman Alexander

John F.Kennedy National Historic Site in Brookline, Massachusetts preserves and interprets the 1917 birthplace of the nation's 35th President. The house was the first home shared by President Kennedy's father and mother, Joseph P. and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, from 1914 to 1920. The historic house, grounds, collections and neighboring Brookline community document the formtive years of the prominentKennedy family and permit exploration of the early influences which shaped the character and ambitions of John F.Kennedy.
The site was repurchased by the family as a memorial to President Kennedy in 1966 and refurnished to its circa 1917 appearance under the close supervision of the rpesident's mother, based on her recollections. Many pieces in the collection are original to the family's tenure in the house; other are Kennedy family pieces, appropriate antiques, or period reproductions selected for interpretive value.
Following the refurnishing, the Kennedy family donated the birthplace to the National Park Service in 1969. (In 1967 Congress passed legislation authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to acquire te Brooline property.
The National Park Service commissioned this book for two reasons. The first was to situate Joe and Rose Kennedy within Brookline's Beals Street neighborhood to provide a better understanding of the spheres in which the Kennedy family members lived, worked and played. The second was to analyze the significance of the creation of the site as a memorial to the recently assassinated president.

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