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Books 271 - 280

Trauma Room One : the JFK Medical Cover-up Exposed

Crenshaw Charles A.

The doctors who tried to save President John F.Kennedy at Parkland Hospital in November of 1963 agreed - either out of respect or fear- not to publish what they had seen, heard an felt. Then in 1990, one of the Dallas surgeons who worked in Trauma Room One, Dr. Charles Crenshaw, decided after much deliberation that the American people ought to know the truth.

Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald

Buchanan Larrt (Director)

On November 24,1963 Lee Harvey Oswald was shot and killed by Jack Ruby. Lee Harvey Oswald never received a trial. This film is an enactment based on information and witness testimony that may have been presented during such a trial. Oswald will be presented with actors portraying individuals who may have appeared as witnesses. There is no jury except you, the members of the audience.
This film was made in 1964, but suppressed from the public for many years.

Truth Withheld - A Survivor's Story

Tague James T.

President John F.Kennedy and Governor Connally were not the only ones afflicted by an assassin's bullet that terrible November day, back in 1963. There was a third person hit as a result of one of the shots that rang out in Dealey Plaza, and he has finally come forward after 40 years to tell his "survivor's story".

Unsolved History - JFK: Death in Dealy Plaza

Discovery Channel

On November 22, 1963, an obscure businessman Abraham Zapruder took his 8mm camera to a local park and shot a 26-second home movie. That film, capturing the assassination of President Kennedy, is arguably the most important film of the 20th Century. But did you know there were a dozen other photographers who trained their cameras on the Presidential motorcade?
Join the Unsolved History team as they piece together those stills and flickering images to form a complete picture of the tragic events that unfolded in Dallas. Hear from many of the original photographers as they describe their unique viewing angle of the motorcade and the assassination. Follow them as they visit Dealey Plaza, some of them for the first time since that fateful day. Watch as the investigation team recreates some of the original photography to ascertain how modern methods might be better able to eliminate many of the conspiracy theories.
Finally, observe as the investigative team uses all available film from that historic moment to assemble a seamless, celluloid timeline documenting the Presidential motorcade from the jubilant entry into Dealey Plaza, to the tragic, final moments that forever changed the fabric of America's culture.

Warren Commission Report
The History Channel

The members were among the most respected men in the nation, led by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Earl Warren. Their task was to compile and present findings on the "Crime of the Century," the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
But what was intended to be the definitive investigation of the case instead became a lightning rod for controversy. Almost immediately after its release, The Warren Report was under attack from all angles--some called out overlooked evidence, others cried cover-up, and still others poked holed in the procedures used to come to the findings. TIME MACHINE examines how the report was created and talks to its supporters and detractors. This video examines the many theories surrounding the document and the men behind it for a comprehensive portrait of one of the most controversial documents of the 20th century.
After all these years, the debate rages on: were the men of the Commission honest investigators or the architects of an elaborate fraud?

Weisberg Harold

This book has been one of the "bibles" for the believer of a conspiracy.
From NY Review of Books :"This book is a close analysis of the twenty-six volumes ...interesting and intriguing discussions...all indicating that the event could not have taken place as surmised by the Warren Commission".

Who Killed JFK?
Fido Martin
Audio Cassettes

From the back cover of these audiocassettes :
"In these authorative and compelling audio cassettes leading British criminologist Martin Fido recounts the most popular conspiracy theories - including the grassy knoll, the magic bullet, the CIA, the Mob, Castro, and the second gunman- before revealing the true identity of the murderer of President Kennedy"

Who Killed JFK?
Oglesby Carl

In this clear and readable book, prominent assassination researcher Carl Oglesby tries to prove that JFK must have been killed by a conspiracy, not by a lone gunman. And, in his opinion, the US government has been involved in covering up that conspiracy. In the last chapter he discusses who might actually have pulled the trigger.

Who really killed Kennedy?
[50 years later - Stunning new revelations about the JFK Assassination]
Corsi Jerome R.

Conspiracy book.
From back cover :
"Investigative journalist and No.1 New York Times bestselling author Jerome Corsi has sorted through the mountain of evidence - the hundred of books, the tens of thousands of documents (including all 26 volumes of the Warren Commission's report), several films and countless photographs.  Meticulously researched and fully documented. "Who Really Killed Kennedy?" is the definitive source for those who, after five decades, wish to truly understand how and why John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated - including information that has largely been hidden from the American people since the 1960s."

Who Shot JFK?
Ramsay Robin

The Kennedy Assassination remains both the greatest whodunit of the post World War Two era and the best route into recent American history. In this short book, taken it as proven that Lee Harvey Oswald was the patsy he claimed to be before he was murdered, Robin Ramsay looks at the assassination through the work of the researchers who refused to buy the official version that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin. He explores the major alternative theories produced by the critics of the official version and the major landmarks in the Kennedy assassination research.

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