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Books 271 - 280
Who Killed JFK?
Oglesby Carl

In this clear and readable book, prominent assassination researcher Carl Oglesby tries to prove that JFK must have been killed by a conspiracy, not by a lone gunman. And, in his opinion, the US government has been involved in covering up that conspiracy. In the last chapter he discusses who might actually have pulled the trigger.

Who really killed Kennedy?
[50 years later - Stunning new revelations about the JFK Assassination]
Corsi Jerome R.

Conspiracy book.
From back cover :
"Investigative journalist and No.1 New York Times bestselling author Jerome Corsi has sorted through the mountain of evidence - the hundred of books, the tens of thousands of documents (including all 26 volumes of the Warren Commission's report), several films and countless photographs.  Meticulously researched and fully documented. "Who Really Killed Kennedy?" is the definitive source for those who, after five decades, wish to truly understand how and why John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated - including information that has largely been hidden from the American people since the 1960s."

Who Shot JFK?
Ramsay Robin

The Kennedy Assassination remains both the greatest whodunit of the post World War Two era and the best route into recent American history. In this short book, taken it as proven that Lee Harvey Oswald was the patsy he claimed to be before he was murdered, Robin Ramsay looks at the assassination through the work of the researchers who refused to buy the official version that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin. He explores the major alternative theories produced by the critics of the official version and the major landmarks in the Kennedy assassination research.

Who Shot The President?
[The Death of John F.Kennedy]
Donnelly Judy

Donnelly briefly and clearly covers the events surrounding the assassination and funeral of John Kennedy. Full-color & black-and-white photos. A straightforward account of the killing and the continuing speculation about its circumstances. Beginning with the events of Nov. 22, the following chapters cover Kennedy's career, the arrest and murder of Oswald, the funeral, and the Warren Commission. Large print, short sentences and many photos make this attractively-designed volume suitable for older poor readers as well as for the primary audience (Grade2-4).

With Malice
Myers Dale K

Lee Harvey Oswald and the murder of officer J.D.Tippit.
A second-by-second account of the murder of Dallas Patrolman J.D.Tippit - killed 45 minutes after the assassination of President John F.Kennedy - and the frantic manhunt that ended in the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald.

World Famous Unsolved Crimes
Wilson Colin & Damon

From the back cover:
"The true stories of some of history's most horrific murders for which no murderer was ever found.
This absorbing and disturbing book brings together some of the strangest and most brutal killings in criminal history, made doubly chilling because the killers were able to get away with it".


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