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Books 231 - 240
The Ruby Cover-Up
Kantor Seth

Veteran newsman, Seth Kantor, an eyewitness to the execution of Lee Harvey Oswald, spent four years finding answers to the numerous questions regarding Jack Ruby , and in this 1978 book tried to throw new light into the JFK assassination.

The Schweiker-Hart Report
[The Investigation of the Assassination of President John F.Kennedy: Performance of the Intelligence Agencies]

The Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, known as the "Church Committee" after its chairman Frank Church, conducted a wide-ranging investigation of the intelligence agencies in the post-Watergate period.
The Church Committee took public and private testimony from hundreds of people, collected huge volumes of files from the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, and many other federal agencies, and issued 14 reports in 1975 and 1976.
This Senate Select Committee "Book 5" report (issued in April 1976), often referred to as the Schweiker-Hart Report after its authors, discusses the performance of the CIA and FBI in the investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy. The report analyzes the general question of whether and by what degree the CIA and FBI withheld relevant information from the Warren Commission, which was charged with investigating Kennedy’s murder. Among the information unknown to the Warren Commission (except Commissioner Allen Dulles) were the CIA’s plots to kill Fidel Castro. With the public disclosure of these plots, the idea that Castro “struck back” gained prominence with many at the time. The Committee found that the evidence “indicates that the investigation of the assassination was deficient” and “impeaches the process whereby the intelligence agencies arrived at their own conclusions.”

The Road to Dallas
Kaiser David.

David Kaiser is convinced that the assassination of President John F.Kennedy was an appalling and grisly conspiracy. With is investigative skills, he shows that the evnt of November 22,1963 cannot be understood without fully grasping the two larger stories of which they were a part: the US's government campaign against organized crime and the furtive quest of two administrations to eliminate Fidel Castro.

The Search for Lee Harvey Oswald
Groden Robert J.

This book is the first complete photo-biography of Lee Harvey Oswald. It presents nearly every relevant photograph of the alleged assassin of President John F.Kennedy, from his childhood to his death, including more than 600 photos.

The Texas Connection
Zirbel Craig I.

Conspiracy book from Craig I.Zirbel.
From back cover:
"Using actual evidence, shocking conversations and written correspondence, conspiracy expert Craig I.Zirbel presents a graphic view of the Kennedy Assassination that will change the way you think about our government forever.
'The Texas Connection' exposes a network of extraordinarily wealthy, powerful anti-Kennedy Texans who had the opportunity to recruit Oswald, to have Oswald killed and get exactly what they always wanted : the White House in the hands of one of their own".

The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald
Thompson Robert E.

What if Lee Harvey Oswald had lived to stand trial for the assassination of President John F.Kennedy?
This book is the screenplay by Robert E.Thompson of an ABC-TV Production, starring Ben Gazzara and Lorne Greene.

The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald

What would have happened if the world's most infamous assassin had not been murdered in Dallas? It would have been one of the most revealing criminal trials in American history. But a single gunshot prevented it from taking place. This extraordinary drama dares to ask what would have happened if Lee Harvey Oswald had lived to stand trial for the assassination of JFK. A respected cast, including Lorne Greene and Ben Gazzarra (who bears a striking resemblance to the real Oswald) bring this hypothetical scenario to life.

The unanswered questions about President Kennedy's Assassination
Fox Sylvan

Conspiracy book written in 1965 by Pulitzer Prize Winner Sylvan Fox and then revised in this 1975 edition.
From back cover:
"Over a decade after the tragedy, the disturbing questions linger. This was the first book to ask them in public. The story it tells, now fully revised to include all the latest evidence, is still the most shocking account of high-level negligence and deception in our history."

The Warren Commission Executive Session Transcripts

The Warren Commission met several times in executive session. The transcripts of these sessions were made public over the years and are now available in complete unedited form. The early transcripts include discussions of "problems" facing the Commission, including the allegation that Lee Oswald was a paid FBI informant.

The September 18 document is in the form of minutes rather than a transcript. At this meeting Senator Russell voiced his doubts about the report to be issued, and tried to get a dissenting opinion included. He relayed his frustrations in a phone call to President Lyndon Johnson that evening, a tape of which is now public. The minutes give no indication of the conflict at this meeting, other than a vague and cryptic sentence on the 3rd page.

The Warren Commission Report

President Lyndon B.Johnson, by Executive Order No.11130 dated November 29,1963 , created this Commission to investigate the assassination on Nov.22,1963, of John F.Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States. The President directed the Commission to evaluate all the facts and circumstances surrounding the assassination and the subsequent killing of the alleged assassin and to report its findings and conclusions to him.

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