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Books 221 - 230
The Last Investigation
Fonzi Gaeton

A former Federal Investigator for the House Select Committee on Assassination breaks his oath of silence and tells what insiders know about the assassination of JFK

The Man on the Grassy Knoll
Craig John R. - Rogers Philip A.

An original conspiracy book with a different theory on JFK Assassination (even if not very credible in my opinion).
According to the authors a look at the assassination of John F. Kennedy offers evidence that places Charles Rogers--a psychopath wanted for the murder and dismemberment of his parents in 1965--at the site of the crime.

The man who killed Kennedy - The case against LBJ
Stone Roger
with Mike Colapietro

From inside cover :
"What does legendary political operative Roger Stone know that historians Robert Caro and Robert Dallek and Fox news host Bill O'Reilly don't?
He knows that Lyndon Johnson was behind the assassination of President John F.Kennedy.
Combining decades of insider political knowledge with cutting-edge research, Roger Stone lays out the case that Lyndon Johnson was behind the murder of Kennedy and numerous other victims along the way. Stone reveals that Richard Nixon was convinced that Johnson had a hand in Kennedy's murder - and that both Barry Goldwater and the KGB came to the same conclusion."

The Mind of Oswald : accused assassin of President J.F.Kennedy
Holloway Diane

Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin of President John F.Kennedy, has remained an enigma for several decades. Fortunately, Lee Harvey Oswald was one of those people who wrote a lot. As a result, the public can see the workings as of his mind as his writings are displayed in chronological order throughout his life.

The Oswald Affair
Sauvage Leo

An examination of the contradictions and omissions of the Warren Report.
As the American correspondent of the Paris newspaper "Le Figaro", Sauvage went to Dallas and busied himself finding all he could about the circumstances of the killing.
In this book, he is very critic about the conclusions of the Warren Commission.

The Oswald File
Eddowes Michael

British solicitor Michael Eddowes, born to a family of lawyers, has had a lifelong fascination with the workings of the law and the administration of justice.
"The Oswald File" (published in 1977) sets forth the results of 14 yrs of personal investigation by Michael Eddowes and his team of investigators. Encompassing not only intensive study of the Warren Commission's 26 volumes of Testimony and Exhibits, his research also involved thousands of miles of travel in tracking down many of the people who could give or had given pertinent information regarding the assassination and its aftermath.

The People vs Lee Harvey Oswald
Brown Walt

Here Walt Brown, using only the evidence and testimony that would have been allowed in court, creates the "Trial of the Century" to prove Oswald's innocence or guilt. You decide.

The People vs The Warren Report
Remington Rodger A.

This writing is by a late-comer to literature of the JFK assassination. It began as fascination with problems perceived in the methodology of the Warren Report, which he photocopied in 1995. Most troublesome was reconciliation of the single bullet theory with the phenomenon of common sense. Since 1997 that problem has generated an attempt to understand why defenders and critics of the Warren Report cannot persuade the American people to embrace differing conclusions and methodology. This writing offers suggestions for future historians who will surely undertake to write history of the JFK assassination.

The Poison Patriarch
[How the betrayals of Joseph P.Kennedy caused the assassination of JFK]
Mark Shaw

Conspiracy book.
Focusing for the first time on why Attorney General Robert F.Kennedy wasn't killed in 1963 instead of why President John F.Kennedy, Mark Shaw offers a stunning and provocative assassination theory that leads directly to the family patriarch, Joseph P.Kennedy.
Mining fresh information and more than forty new interviews, Shaw weaves a spellbinding narattive involving Jack Ruby (Lee Harvey Oswald's killer); Ruby's attorney, Melvin Belli; mafia don Carlos Marcello and , ultimately, the Kennedy brothers and their father.

"The President has been shot"
[The assassination of John F.Kennedy]
Swanson James L.

In an action-packed, minute by minute, ticking-clock narrative, James Swanson, award winning New York Times best-selling author of "Manhunt" and "Chasing Lincoln's killer", weaves together the riveting stories of an assassin and a president as he re-creates four of the saddest and most terrifying days in our history. When it was all over, America would never be the same. The assassination of John F.Kennedy haunts us to this day.

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