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Books 211 - 220
The Kennedy Detail - Part 2
Discovery Channel

"The Kennedy Detail - Part 1" is an incredible insight into all of the events that occurred on 22nd November 1963, and in the immediate aftermath of JFK's assassination. Told by Kennedy's very own Secret Service agents, whose biggest fear was that their best would not be good enough, this programme affords the viewer a unique insight into the events that we all think we know well, as they talk candidly about their fond memories and of course, their regrets.

The Kennedy Detail
[JFK's Secret Service agents break their silence]
Blaine Gerald
with Lisa McCubbin

The Secret Service is an elite team of men who share a single mission : to protect the president of the United States. On November 22,1963 these men failed - and a country would never be the same. Now, for the first time, a member of JFK's Secret Service detail revals the inside story of the assassination, the weeks and days that led to it and its hearttrending aftermath. This extraordinary book is a moving, intimate portrait of dedication, courage and loss.
Drawing on the memories of his fellow agents, Jerry Blaine captures the energetic, crowd-loving young president, who banned agents from his car and often plunged into raucous crowds with little warning. He describes the careful planning that went into JFK's Texas swing, the worries and concerns that agents, working long hours with little food or rest, had during the trip. And he describes the intensely private first lady making her first-ever political appearance with her husband,  just months after losing a newborn baby.
"The Kennedy Detail" is a portrait of incredible camaraderie and incredible heartbreak - a true must-read story of heroism in its most complex and human form.

The Kennedy Half Century
[The Presidency, Assassination and Lasting Legacy of John F.Kennedy]
Larry J.Sabato

When John F.Kennedy entered the presidential limousine at Love Field on November 22,1963, he began his ride into history.
On the fifth anniversary of his assassination, celebrated political scientist Larry J.Sabato - himself inspired as a child by JFK and his presidency - explores the fascinating powerful and often controversial influence that Kennedy still wields in politics and among the public.
Sabato chronicles the dramatic, contentious campaign that brought JFK to the Oval Office, and the events over the next three years that ultimately led him to his death in Dealey plaza. His pulsating and revealing reexamination of JFK's assassination is based on heretofore unknown information to which Sabato has had exclusive access, and it significantly recasts our understanding of that fateful day in Dallas.

The Kennedys
[The conspiracy to destroy a dynasty]
Smith Matthew

Conspiracy book.
From back cover:
"THE KENNEDYS uncovers the truth behind the greatest conspiracy story of the twentieth century: the devastanting plot against America's first family. Mindblogging in its implications, the conspiracy aimed at changing the direction of American politics but went much more further, altering the political direction of the whole world.
In the view of the conspirators, John F.Kennedy should never have become President. His plans to put the needs of the people before those of big business were intolerable. There were fears that he had a socialist streak which may well be identifiable as communist. From the moment he took office, he was on his way out. It was only a question of time.
This is a story of hatred, revenge and murder that was covered up by stark fear for may years.
THE KENNEDYS is an unbelievably dramatic, dynamic and awesomely gripping work that will shock and enlighten many."

The Killing of a President
Groden Robert J.

"The complete photographic record of the JFK Assassination, the Conspiracy and the Cover-up".
Robert Groden supports the conspiracy theory and has helped Oliver Stone as consultant for his JFK movie.

The Last Investigation
Fonzi Gaeton

A former Federal Investigator for the House Select Committee on Assassination breaks his oath of silence and tells what insiders know about the assassination of JFK

The man who killed Kennedy - The case against LBJ
Stone Roger
with Mike Colapietro

From inside cover :
"What does legendary political operative Roger Stone know that historians Robert Caro and Robert Dallek and Fox news host Bill O'Reilly don't?
He knows that Lyndon Johnson was behind the assassination of President John F.Kennedy.
Combining decades of insider political knowledge with cutting-edge research, Roger Stone lays out the case that Lyndon Johnson was behind the murder of Kennedy and numerous other victims along the way. Stone reveals that Richard Nixon was convinced that Johnson had a hand in Kennedy's murder - and that both Barry Goldwater and the KGB came to the same conclusion."

The Mind of Oswald : accused assassin of President J.F.Kennedy
Holloway Diane

Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin of President John F.Kennedy, has remained an enigma for several decades. Fortunately, Lee Harvey Oswald was one of those people who wrote a lot. As a result, the public can see the workings as of his mind as his writings are displayed in chronological order throughout his life.

The Oswald Affair
Sauvage Leo

An examination of the contradictions and omissions of the Warren Report.
As the American correspondent of the Paris newspaper "Le Figaro", Sauvage went to Dallas and busied himself finding all he could about the circumstances of the killing.
In this book, he is very critic about the conclusions of the Warren Commission.

The Oswald File
Eddowes Michael

British solicitor Michael Eddowes, born to a family of lawyers, has had a lifelong fascination with the workings of the law and the administration of justice.
"The Oswald File" (published in 1977) sets forth the results of 14 yrs of personal investigation by Michael Eddowes and his team of investigators. Encompassing not only intensive study of the Warren Commission's 26 volumes of Testimony and Exhibits, his research also involved thousands of miles of travel in tracking down many of the people who could give or had given pertinent information regarding the assassination and its aftermath.

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