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Books 201 - 210
The JFK Conspiracy
[The thruth behind the cover-up]
Crime Inc.

A VHS Video supporting conspiracy theories. From the back cover "This video is the most penetrating probe ever into the JFK conspiracy. Interviews with witnesses, experts and former federal agents build a damning case against the authorities. And sensational footage of the minutes leading to the murder, and of the assassination itself, provide shocking insights into that historic day".

The JFK Conspiracy : Breakthrough Evidence
Friedel E.Z.

This is a Conspiracy Book : The first hand experience of the Naval Surgeon assigned to perform the Kennedy autopsy documents a conspiracy at the highest levels. Before the forensic exam , the gunshot evidence was changed by a covert team of specialists. Two wounds from the front became one artificial one from the rear. The new findings became the key evidence for the immediate and final conclusion. There had been one, and only one, shooter. In less than twenty-four hours, the lone assassin had become a permanent part of American history and Lee Harvey Oswald was cast as one of it's great villians. Factual and frightening. Precise CSI technology, painstaking research, and a unique deathbed revelation come together to answer the key questions. WHO DONE IT and HOW HAVE THEY MANAGED TO COVER IT UP?

The Kennedy Assassination - 24 Hours After
Gillon Steven M.

"Lyndon B.Johnson's pivotal first day as President".

Steve Gillon expertly guides us through the cloud of confusion, grief, rage, and stark terror that followed the shots in Dallas. He immerses us in the moment, rendering events in real time and remarkable detail. As Gillon makes clear, these twenty-four hours cast a long shadow from which Lyndon Johnson never emerged.

The Kennedy Assassination - Beyond Conspiracy
Jennings Peter
ABC News
DVD - 2003

Utilizing modern technology, computer animator Dale Myers created a digital simulation of the only known film of the murder, a 16mm home movie taken by Leon Zapruder, a bystander that filmed the fatal shots. Then Myers matched this digital film to a three-dimensional computer model of Dealey Plaza which he created that reconstructs the plaza exactly as it appeared at the time of the murder. The resulting digital animation allowed Myers to re-create the exact viewpoint from any perspective within the plaza at the moment and finally provide concrete evidence of whether or not Oswald was a lone assassin or if a conspiracy actually existed. Also examined in this excellent DVD is new evidence discovered years later on an audio tape from an open police microphone at the scene and other theories that circulated including Communist ties and mob involvement in the assassination.

The Kennedy Assassination - Murder Casebook

Dallas : 22nd Nov.1963. Seven seconds that shook the world. Investigation into the Ultimate Crime.

The Kennedy Assassination and the American Public
Greenberg Bradley S. & Parker Edwin B.

Never before has such a large proportion of the American public felt so instantly and closely a part of events of great national importance as during the tragic hours and days that followed the assassination of President Kennedy. When  scholars recovered from the shock of the first news, many of them realized that this was a chapter in national history that should be studied. They sought above all to understand the public reaction to a great disaster, and how the flow of information helped shape that reaction.
This book presents the most significative results of the studies that were undertaken.

The Kennedy Assassination Tapes
Holland Max

The White House conversations of Lyndon B. Johnson regarding the assassination, the Warren Commission and the aftermath.
This book is a major work of documentary history : the brilliantly edited and annotated transcripts, most of them never before published, of the presidential conversation of Lyndon B. Johnson regarding the Kennedy Assassination and its aftermath.

The Kennedy Conspiracy
Summers Anthony

Anthony Summers is one of the main conspiracy writers. He calls this book as "the definitive account of the assassination - including the parts left out of Oliver Stone's controversial movie JFK".

The Kennedy Contract
[The Mafia plot to assassinate the President]
Davis John H.

From back cover:
In early January of 1992, Frank Ragano, attorney for Hoffa and Trafficante and friend to Marcello, decided to break his 29 years silence.
John H.Davis here reveals the riveting story behind Ragano's allegation. Including new information from key witnesses and shocking details surrounding the cover-up. "The Kennedy Contract" blows the lid off the most fascinating murder case in U.S. history.

The Kennedy Detail - Part 1
Discovery Channel

"The Kennedy Detail - Part 1" is a fascinating account of all the events that occurred in the build up to that fateful day in Dallas, Texas 1963, told by Kennedy's very own Secret Service agents. Exclusive interviews with the men whose job it was to protect Kennedy and his family show them talking candidly about life at the White House. Their anecdotes and memories afford the viewer a unique insight into Kennedy's administration, and of course his assassination, and offer a different perspective of the events that we all think we know well. 

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