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Books 181 - 190
Reporting the Kennedy Assassination
Hlavach Laura

This book contains the memories of a large number of journalists who were either in Dallas or arrived there immediately after the assassination of President John F.Kennedy on November 22,1963.

Ruby - Il terzo uomo a Dallas

DVD - Italian version.
"The Mafia needed a patsy. The CIA needed a pawn. And the conspiracy needed a killer. They found it all in Jack Ruby, the Dallas strip club owner who murdered President Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, on live television. Stars Danny Aiello."

Ruby and Oswald
Stuart Mel

The course of American history was altered, perhaps for all time, when President Kennedy was killed on the streets of Dallas on November 22, 1963.
Whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone has become a question that has haunted America.
All we know for certain is that on November 24, in full view of nearly one million television viewers, Jack Ruby shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald. This movie is the story of four days in November that shook the world.

Rush to Judgement
Lane Mark

One of the first conspiracy books.
RUSH TO JUDGMENT was a 1966 book by American lawyer Mark Lane. It is about the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and takes issue with the conclusions of the Warren Commission, suggesting there was a conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy. Although it was preceded by a few self-published or small press books, Rush to Judgment was the first mass-marketed book to confront the findings of the Warren Commission.
The title of the book was taken from Lord Chancellor Thomas Erskine's defense of James Hadfield who had attempted to assassinate King George III in 1800.
According to Alex Raskin of the Los Angeles Times, "Rush to Judgment" opened the floodgate for Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories.
From back cover :
"The question of who really killed President Kennedy is still unanswered. RUSH TO JUDGEMENT, based on evidence hitherto suppressed or ignored, is a shattering indictment of the official explanation. The Warren Commission Report, as revealed in this explosive bestseller, appears so shockingly crisscrossed with conflicting evidence, discrepancies and omissions that nothing less than a new investigation will satisfy the American people.
Meticulously documented with eyewitness accounts and official records, RUSH TO JUDGEMENT is an exciting and profoundly disturbing book...and one that may well change history".

Say Goodbye to America
Smith Matthew

"The Sensational and Untold story behind the Assassination of John F.Kennedy".
According to this book's author, JFK was murdered on orders emanating from the "alternative" government - the Establishment- which eased the concerns of "big business" and which Kennedy was in the process of divesting of power in favour of promoting a government which put the people and their needs first.

Selections from Whitewash
Weisberg Harold

For thirty years Harold Weisberg has been pursuing the truth. For thousands upon thousands of hours he has meticulously studied the millions of words of the Warren Commission's Report and files on the assassination of President John F.Kennedy. He has published his often shocking discoveries in the five-book "Whitewash" series, all of which are excerpted for the first time in this single volume.

Sherlock Holmes in Dallas
Aubrey Edmund

In this book, we follow Holmes's trail as he picks his way through the many confusing strands of evidence and applies his keen intellect to questions that have still not been satisfactorily settled in the public mind. As always, Holmes is accompanied by the faithful Doctor Watson.  The main sources for the author, as for Sherlock Holmes, were the 26 volumes of Evidence and Exhibits, together with the Warren Report.

Silencing the lone assassin
Canal John

The murders of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald.
The general public is still grossly misinformed by conspiracy theorists who believe that Oswald was either part of a conspiracy or a patsy. John Canal lays such theories to rest. While his conclusions run contrary to the conspiracy theories popularized in books, movies and on television, they are based on clear reasoning and sound judgement.

That Day in Dallas
Trask Richard B.

In this book you follow three porfessional photographers as they scramble to record the most dramatic and far-reaching news story of the last half of the twentieth century. You can hear these articulate observers recount the traumatic, historic and sad events they witnessed. You can examine their photo coverage in large-format, full-frame images made on that day in Dallas : November 22,1963.

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
Stein Conrad R.

This book (published by Children Press) explains to children, with simple words, the Assassination of President John F.Kennedy.

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