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Books 181 - 190
Sherlock Holmes in Dallas
Aubrey Edmund

In this book, we follow Holmes's trail as he picks his way through the many confusing strands of evidence and applies his keen intellect to questions that have still not been satisfactorily settled in the public mind. As always, Holmes is accompanied by the faithful Doctor Watson.  The main sources for the author, as for Sherlock Holmes, were the 26 volumes of Evidence and Exhibits, together with the Warren Report.

Silencing the lone assassin
Canal John

The murders of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald.
The general public is still grossly misinformed by conspiracy theorists who believe that Oswald was either part of a conspiracy or a patsy. John Canal lays such theories to rest. While his conclusions run contrary to the conspiracy theories popularized in books, movies and on television, they are based on clear reasoning and sound judgement.

That Day in Dallas
Trask Richard B.

In this book you follow three porfessional photographers as they scramble to record the most dramatic and far-reaching news story of the last half of the twentieth century. You can hear these articulate observers recount the traumatic, historic and sad events they witnessed. You can examine their photo coverage in large-format, full-frame images made on that day in Dallas : November 22,1963.

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
Stein Conrad R.

This book (published by Children Press) explains to children, with simple words, the Assassination of President John F.Kennedy.

The Assassination Please Almanac
Miller Tom

This book is a consumer's guide to conspiracy theories, an annotated bibliography of JFK assassination books, a chronology of events leading up to and away from November 22,1963, and a black humour look at the Kennedy assassination.

The Assassinations
DiEugenio James & Pease Lisa

When Congress created the Assassination Records Review Board, which declassified and released many previously withheld material, a journal named PROBE was created to report on and consider this cascade of new material. This book presents some of Probe's most fascinating articles, in addition to material written after the well-regarded journal ceased publication.

The Day Kennedy was Shot
Bishop Jim

Jim Bishop spent years researching and interviewing hundreds of people to write his definitive re-creation of that tragic day. This book is a minutely detailed study of November 22,1963, arranged in hourly segments. The book begins at 7:00 am and continues into the pre-drawn hours of the following day. The events, the people and their actions are clearly discussed.

The Death of a President

Manchester William

Just weeks after the assassination of President John F.Kennedy, author William Manchester received a rare invitation to record the tragic and historic events in Texas. The suggestion came from Mrs. John F.Kennedy herself. The result was this astoundingly detailed book, described by David Brinkley as "the biggest publishing story since the New Testament".

The Echo from Dealey Plaza

Bolden Abraham

The true story of the first African American on the White House Secret Service detail and his quest for justice after the assassination of JFK.
"A gripping and unforgettable true story of bravery and patriotism in the face of bitter hatred".

The Girl On The Stairs
[My search for a missing witness to the assassination of John F.Kennedy]

Ernest Barry

On November 22,1963 a young Victoria Elizabeth Adams stood behind a fourth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas. She watched as John Kennedy was murdered in the streets below. Then, with a co-worker in tow, she ran down the back stairs to get outside and determine what had happened.
At that moment, her life changed forever.
The timing of her descent posed serious problems for the Warren Commission's agenda that Lee Harvey Oswald was the gunman. If she was telling the thuth, Miss Adams was on the same stairs at the same time as the escaping assassin. Yet she had seen and heard no one. When she testified, she was discredited, humiliated and branded a liar. Told she had simply erred and came down those stairs later than she thought, Miss Adams begged to have her story corroborated by her co-worker of by a timed test conducted to determine her accuracy.
Instead, she was ignored.
Knowing the truth and now fearing for her life because of it, she went into hiding, content to die with her secret knowledge.
With a background as an investigative journalist, the author began his search for Miss Adams in 1967. It took him 35 years to track down this elusive witness but when he did, the truths behind Miss Adams were finally revealed.
This is the story the government didn't want you to hear and actually fabricated evidence so you wouldn't hear it.
Now, it can be told.

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