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Books 151 - 160

Morte di un Presidente

Manchester William

Italian Version of the famous book "The Death of a President".

Mrs Paine's Garage and the Murder of J.F.Kennedy

Mallon Thomas

This book is the tragic story of a well-intentioned woman who found Oswald the job that put him six floors above Dealey Plaza- into which, on November 22, he fired a rifle he'd kept hidden inside Mrs Paine's garage.

Murder in Dealey Plaza

Fetzer James H.

"What we know now that we did not know then about the Death of JFK".
This book presents the latest and best of the new assassination research to support the conspiracy and coverup theory.

National Nightmare on six feet of film
[Mr Zapruder's home movie and the murder of President Kennedy]

Trask Richard B.

This is the true story of a little piece of 8mm film made in 1963 when President John F.Kennedy visited Dallas, Texas. Abraham Zapruder's 26-second home movie captured in horrific clarity the public murder of the President. His six-foot long filmstrip soon became one of the most monetarily valuable artifacts in world history, and arguably "the most historic film ever shot". Zapruder's film and its subsequent study and interpretation by government investigations, the mass media and thousands of assassination buffs, is a controversial and convoluted tale.
Trask puts the film's significance into a readable context and displays how this small slice of historic reality has become the image by which the Kennedy assassination will forever be remembered.

[The CIA and Political Assassination]

Hancock Larry.

Extract: "In The Name of National Security. Over and over again, from Guatemala to Trujillo to Lumumba, to Diem, to Schneider what we find is the CIA being "associated" with the people that did political assassinations, always able to deny that it had itself performed any actual murders. There was always the final deniability - "we didn't order it, our employees didn't do it, it was all voluntary, they took it further than we had intended, and it was beyond our control." Yet investigations would again and again determine that there were CIA field officers in contact with the parties involved. Sometimes they had served as military advisers, supplied weapons, sometimes money, sometimes just helped with logistics; but always with fine line of deniability, guiding, but only to a point. You could never literally say the CIA itself had killed anyone. This story exists only because, over time, the American people have risen up and demanded the release of information which revealed the truth of the nation's covert operations during the height of the cold war. It is time to pass on the lessons learned from the release of the JFK records, and to bring about a fundamental change in the way in which American citizens obtain information from their government - especially at a time when we still continue to struggle with seemingly endless (and needless) foreign wars and regime change."

Nightmare in Dallas
[The "Babushka Lady"]

Oliver Beverly

The hard-hitting account of the mysterious "Babushka Lady", Beverly Oliver, who at the age of seventeen was an eyewitness to the assassination of President John F.Kennedy.
"Nightmare in Dallas" recounts what Beverly Oliver witnessed on that fateful day in Dallas and how she was terrorized by what she knew.

No more silence : an oral history of the assassination of President Kennedy
Sneed Larry A.

This book is the first oral history of the assassination of President John F.Kennedy, from eyewitness accounts through the police reactions, investigations, and aftermath.

November 22,1963
Scott William E.

A reference Guide to the JFK Assassination.
William E.Scott, an American history and government teacher at St.Joseph's  Preparatory School in Philadelphia, has compiled this excellent compendium which takes us from the beginning of the saga to the present time, including biographical entries of the major people, places and events and a selected bibliography covering the period 1963-1998.

November 22,1963 - The Day Remembered
The Dallas Morning News

Much has been written and recorded about the assassination of JFK, but no source in the world has more to offer on the events of November 22,1963, than The Dallas Morning News. Here, for the first time in book form, is a permanent record of the coverage from the city's largest newspaper.

On Trial : Lee Harvey Oswald

The  What If "Trial of the Century", featuring actual witnesses, litigated by Vincent Bugliosi and Gerry Spence.
"On Trial : Lee Harvey Oswald" recalls all of the surviving witnesses to determine the guilt or innocence of the man believed to have murdered JFK.
Prosecuting Oswald in absentia is Vincent Bugliosi, the maverick DA who put Charles manson behind bars for life; for the defence is renowed trial lawyer Gerry Spence, whose record for courtroom wins is unparalleled.
These two brilliant legal minds argue the case in front of and actual judge and jury to decide definitively wheter Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman.... or the fall guy for a shadow organization who wanted the 35th President of the United States dead...and someone else to pay for it.
First broadcast by the Showtime cable Network in 1986 to mark the 23rd anniversary of the assassination of John F.Kennedy, "On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald" is a daring, one-of-a-kind experiment with the goal to heal a nation.

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