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Books 111 - 120
JFK Exhibit : Reconstruction Film
National Archives

Experience the American Journey through US's visual heritage in the historical recording provided by the National Archives of the United States.
This is a reconstruction of the assassination of President John F.Kennedy in Dallas,Texas from the US Secret Service.

JFK's Final Hours in Texas
[An Eyewitness Remembers the Tragedy and Its Aftermath]
Raed Julian

Julian Read, a Texas political insider who delivered the first eyewitness report of President John F.Kennedy's assassination to the media, has authored a behind-the-scenes account that chronicles the tragedy and its fifty-year legacy. In "JFK's Final Hours in Texas", Read documents not only the immediate agony endured by the people in the epicenter of the tragedy but also the continuing experience of a wounded community recovering from its aftermath.
In 1963, Read was the media representative for Governor John B.Connally, host of the president's November visit to Texas.
On the day Kennedy was killed, Read was aboard the chartered White House Press bus, just a few vehicles behind the presidential limousine in the motorcade through downtown Dallas.

John F.Kennedy and the memory of a nation
Mondell Allen and Salzman Mondell Cynthia

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza is a permanent educational exhibit in the former Texas School Book Depository. The films included in this exhibit have been adapted as an educational video examining the life, times, death and legacy of President John F.Kennedy.

Kennedy Assassinated! The world mourns
Hampton Wilborn

A reporter's story. On Nov.22,1963 the phone rang in the Dallas U.P.I. office. Wilborn Hampton, a cub reporter only months out of college, answered and heard these words :"Three shots were fired at the motorcade". This book is his story, a remarkable account of a young man swept into the white-hot core of a tragedy that would shake the world.

Kennedy Chronicle
Dobbs Bobby J.

Small booklet with several photos of JFK authopsy and with the complete list of the Dealey Plaza witnesses.

Special thanks to my friend Dennis E.Wimmert, who gave me this book!

Killing Kennedy
[The End of Camelot]
O'Reilly Bill & Dugard Martin

More than two million readers have thrilled to Bill O'Reilly and historian Martin Dugard's "Killing Lincoln", the riveting work of nonfiction about the shocking assassination that changed the course of American history.
Now the anchor of "The O'Reilly Factor" recounts in gripping detail the brutal murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy - and how a sequence of gunshots on a Dallas afternoon not only killed a beloved president but also sent the nation into the cataclysmic division of the Vietnam War and the culture-changing aftermath.
The events leading up to the most notorius crime of the twentieth century are almost as shocking as the assassination itself. A page-turner from beginning to end, "KILLING KENNEDY" chronicles both the heroism and deceit of Camelot, bringing history to life in ways that will profoundly move the reader.

Killing Kennedy: 50 Years, 50 Lies
Moore Lance

Conspiracy book.
Subtitle in the cover "From the Warren Commission to Bill O'Reilly, A History of Deceit in the JFK Assassination".

L'America ricorre in appello

Lane Mark

Italian version of Mark Lane's "Rush to Judgement". This was the first book to challenge the Warren Commission findings, presenting case after case of ignored or twisted evidence to offer a scathing indictment of the Commission's handling of the assassination of President Kennedy.

LBJ and the Kennedy Killing

Tague James T.

From the back cover:
"This is unlike any other book about the assassination of President John F.Kennedy. The author, James Tague, was there, and he was wounded by the debris from a missed shot on that fateful day. He stood up to our Government when the arren Commission was about to ignore what really happened and spoke to the true facts.
James Tague's testimony changed history and the "magic bullet" was born in an effort by the Warren Commission to wrongly explain all the wounds to President Kennedy and Governor Connally, and to try and convince the public that Lee Harvey Oswald was the "lone nut assassin".
Tague, a long time Dallas area resident, initially believed the Warren Report, but time, diligent research and amazing revelations told to im by prominent Texans has given James Tague an inside look at what really happened.
Be prepared to learn new facts, never before published, about one of our nation's darkest moments".

LBJ Phone Calls following JFK Assassination

ABC News-Nightline

ABC News obtained one of the most extraordinary historical documents ever released. It is only a few days after the assassination of President Kennedy. Lyndon Johnson has just assumed the presidency and, understandably, he is obsessed with learning as much as he can about the murder of his predecessor and with finding a way to control how that information reaches the American public.
The Johnson Library in Austin, Texas, released recordings of President Johnson's telephone conversations for the period of November 22nd,1963 to November 30th of the same year, allowing us to have an ear to history.

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