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Books 101 - 110
JFK : Assassinio a Dallas
Fracassi Franco and Turi Gianandra

In Italian, published with issue #6-1995 of Italian magazine "Avvenimenti".
Summary of all key facts in the world in 1963, with JFK Assassination as pivotal fact of the year.

JFK : Breaking the News
Aynesworth Hugh

If you think you knew everything interesting to know about the Kennedy assassination, then think again. Storied investigative reporter Hugh Aynesworth has finally weighed in with the book his colleagues have been asking him to write for decades. "Breaking the News" is the definitive story of the assassination and his aftermath, providing over 200 photographs and artefacts from Aynesworth's personal archive.

JFK : The Cuba Files
Escalante Fabian

Amid continuing speculation over Cuban involvement in the most famous political crime of the 20th Century, this book reveals for the first time Cuba's own report into the Kennedy assassination
With compelling logic, Fabian Escalante describes the conspiracy uncovered by Cuba's investigation, which reviewed declassified US files and reports from Cuban intelligence that had infiltrated anti-Castro groups in Miami.

JFK : The Dallas Tapes

Winner-1999 Heartland Regional Emmy Award as Best Historic Documentary.
Expanded to nearly two hours from its original 1998 broadcast, "JFK:The Dallas Tapes" covers the significant Dallas events on that tragic November 1963 weekend. Compiled fro newly remastered original video and audio tapes, with added colour movies and rare photographs, this tape tells the minute-by-minute story of the Kennedy assassination.
Hosted by award-winning news anchor/reporter Richard Ray and co-produced with Sixth Floor Museum archivist Gary Mack, this tape is a new collection of the most indelible images and moving stories ever told.

JFK : The Day The Nation Cried
Jones James Earl

This moving documentary looks back on the remarkable life of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and combines the tragedy of his untimely death with the remembrances of those who knew him best and those who knew him not at all.
James Earl Jones reviews the brief life of JFK. His triumphs. His failures. His inspiration and contribution to our history. The story is told through previously unseen and rare video and home movies, and by many people who wee there, ordinary people. The story is built around the exclusive historic videotape from WFAA, the Dallas station whose studios are located so near the infamous "grassy knoll" where the President was shot. We see the events as they happened, from JFK's arrival in Dallas to his funeral in Washington four days later.

JFK : The Story behind the Story
The Dallas Morning News

For the men and women of "The Dallas Morning News", WFAA-TV and WFAA Radio, there was no time to mourn. They had a job to do.
While the nation reeled from the news of President John F.Kennedy's assassination, the reporters, photographers and broadcasters on the scene were forced to put their own emotions aside as they covered the biggest story of their careers.
First-person written accounts, audio interviews, video clips and news photographs will take you back to the day a president died and a news staff was pushed to the limit.
Relive the events of November 1963 through the work of the journalists who were there.

Stone Oliver

Remasterized DVD version (English-French) including 2 DVD : the first with a special edition of the movie, with 17 additional minutes, and the second with documents on JFK assassination investigation.

JFK Assassination - A Visual Investigation

A Visual Investigation on CD-ROM.
"Medio Software presents facts. Judgements are left to you as you become investigator, analyst, judge, jury - an eyewitness to history. You decide what really happened."

JFK Assassination File
Curry Jesse

Retired Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry reveals his personal JFK Assassination file, in this rare book.

JFK Conspiracy Myths
Discovery Channel

A series of shots changed the world. But who pulled the trigger? After 50 yrs, the assassination of President Kennedy still remains unsolved and government investigations have provided the American public with few answers.
Now "Unsolved History - JFK Conspiracy Myths" returns to Dallas, Texas to recreate that fateful day on 22nd November 1963. We scientifically search for evidence that might solve the mystery once and for all. We follow in Lee Harvey Oswald's footsteps in an attempt to find out who fired the shots that killed John F.Kennedy, as dramatic demonstrations of the event in Dealey Plaza shed new lights on the web of conspiracy theories.

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